Haptic Objects




Teaching Portfolio 

I currently teach art to children and ceramics to adults, incorporating art history/theory into many of my hands-on lessons. Across age groups and demographics, I value the role art education can play in helping students discover in themselves their capacities for original thinking/creation as well as in helping them connect more deeply, and sensorially, with themselves and their world.  

Adult Teaching

For my eight-week adult hand-building courses, I spend the first four classes instructing students in exercises in the basic handbuilding techniques, which I supplement  hand-outs that include example images, quotes and selected texts to help students see the broader aesthetic implications for each technique. 

Week 1: Pinching

Week 2: Coiling

Week 3: Slab-Building 

Week 4: Carving 

K-12 Teaching 

The following instructional art videos I created for children at Goose Grease House of the Arts in Brooklyn inspired by artifacts and artworks from cultures past. Use the password “portfolio” to watch. 

Persian Miniature Painting: Art History and Art Activity

The Funeral Banner of Lady Dai (exploring symmetry): Art History and Art Activity

Japonisme: Art History and Art Activity

Color in Greek Statues: Art History and Art Activity 

How to Draw What You See

Where it Began 

Of the many places to which I can credit my love for making, studying and teaching art, the most impactful was the Marchutz School of Fine Arts in Aix-en-Provence, France. Whether painting from life or looking together at a painting, we were encouraged to allow our patient observation of the subject to form the basis for judgements and concepts, thereby providing a model for how knowledge is realized and articulated. Marchutz not only gave me the tools to pursue an authentic art practice, the school also made me a much better thinker and writer. It ignited my interest in other experimental schools/artist communities such as Black Mountain College, which also emphasized the role of the arts in a holistic education.