At Which the Flight 
September 25 - October 5, 2018, 630 Flushing avenue, Brooklyn

Curated + Organized by Kate Butler

Participating Artists: Jill Brandwein, Oscar Perry, Rowan McNaught, Ben Haggard, Maureen Anderson, John Bartley, Kristin McKinney, Hank Ehrenfried and Madeline Rupard.


Titled after a line of poetry by Wallace Stevens, At Which the Flight explored transient and transformative encounters with nature, including artists working in painting, photography and sound.

I produced a catalogue for the exhibition including images of the works, a short essay that I wrote, as well as a selection of poetry by friends and artists on the theme. Download a PDF of the catalogue here.

In addition to the works pictured here, the show featured an ambient sound piece created by John Bartley, who I commissioned to respond to the local industrial “landscape” of the Broadway Triangle (listen to the piece here). For the opening reception, electronic musician Lightbath performed a set using the sound generated from the converted energy of a plant. View a clip of the performance by clicking here

Participating artists hailed from Brooklyn, Southwestern United States, and Melbourne, Australia.