Things have an internal equivalent in me; they arouse in me a carnal formula of their presence. Why shouldn’t these correspondences in turn give rise to some tracing rendered visible again, in which the eyes of others could find an underlying motif to sustain their introspection of the world?

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Eye and Mind


Artist Statement: January 2020 

My sculptures describe subliminal experiences of space through forms that feel alive, whole, and vaguely human. Characterized by undulating movements of surface into void, light into shadow, they evoke both the coming-into-being of a perception and the continuous formation of matter by natural processes.   

I pay attention to subtle “impressions” and “sensations” that register in the body before they can be understood by the mind. Guided by feeling, I sculpt and draw in order to make visible how I experience the world, the variations of which are evident in how my treatment of space has shifted across bodies of work. Some pieces from late 2018 and early 2019 include dense internal scaffolding of coils within symmetrical, vertical forms, directing the eye into a still, internal hollow. More recent sculptures have been defined by windows or holes, where air passes through a primarily two-sided form. The movement-through of these passages is then directed along undulating surfaces, inviting beholders to walk around them to perceive them in full. Maybe subliminally, these works are reflective of the physical and temporal landscape I occupied while making them, following a road trip from the east coast to Colorado. On that journey, during which I traversed such diverse terrain, time encapsulated constant change.  
Superabundant  environments such as forests have been one central motif to my drawings, their undulating light and obscurity the visual embodiment of an experience of knowledge and vision, characterized by the duality of hiddenness and disclosure or by the enduring sense of mystery that accompanies every small, partial revelation. Through an aggregate of little marks on a white sheet of paper, I create a facade which at once reveals light and veils whatever lies beyond it.