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Gallery Reviews + Published Writing

Reconsidering Ceramics Iconoclast Peter Voulkos, ArteFuse, September 2019 

Charlene von Heyl at Petzel Gallery, ArteFuse, October 2018

Giacometti: Drawing Astonishment, The Bottom Line (The Drawing Center blog), August 2018

Hyun Jung Ahn: What I Wanted to Say, April 2017

Qualities of Stillness, Paintings by Joseph Ablow, Big Red and Shiny, March 2016

Instagram and the Picturesque, Atwood Magazine, September 2014

Nowhereland,, May - August 2013

My Master’s Art History thesis, titled Poetics of Containment: The Work and Life of Stanley Rosen, is on reserve at the Pratt Institute library. A transcript of the interviews that I conducted with Stanley in 2019 are available by request.