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Things have an internal equivalent in me; they arouse in me a carnal formula of their presence. Why shouldn’t these correspondences in turn give rise to some tracing rendered visible again, in which the eyes of others could find an underlying motif to sustain their introspection of the world?
Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Eye and Mind

Kate Butler was raised in North Carolina and is based in New York. In drawing, animation and ceramic sculpture, she explores correspondences between patterns and nature and the human imagination, revealing their common origins and common mystery. 

In 2017, Kate began to narrow her focus to ceramic sculpture, an appropriate match for her intuitive, haptic approach to building form. Like pictographic symbols, her ceramic sculptures convey patterns in nature through a language of geometric visual signs. Gestural, vertical compositions of hollow forms evoke distant horizons, mountain ridges, vertical strata of earth or canyons formed by water. Balancing distinct silhouettes with shadowy passages into unseen interior spaces, her sculptures mimic nature’s dance of hiding and revealing.

Kate is a fall 2019 artist-in-resident at Anderson Ranch Art Center and was recently a summer resident at Odyssey ClayWorks. She earned an MFA in Fine Arts/ MS Art History from the Pratt Institute in May 2019. Before Pratt, she studied at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Marchutz School in Aix-en-Provence, France. Her art writing and research focus primarily on modern and contemporary ceramic sculpture and drawing.


Instagram: katebutler_studio